Twitter Impersonation

We are aware of several accounts on Twitter that violate Twitter’s Impersonation Policy by pretending to be the Bitcoin Core project or well-known individuals associated with Bitcoin Core. These accounts have been spreading false and misleading information about Bitcoin Core and its contributors.

If you see one of these accounts, you may report it to Twitter. If you are reporting an issue about the Bitcoin Core project and Twitter asks that you enter the project’s official email address, please use:

This appears to be an unfortunately common issue on Twitter that affects many other projects and individuals as well, so we urge you to carefully evaluate any posts you see on Twitter—and elsewhere—to determine whether or not they truly came from the indicated sender.

It is especially important to be careful about posts that recommend you take an action that could potentially compromise your bitcoins or your computer, such as a suggestion that you download a newer version of Bitcoin software. The latest version of Bitcoin Core can always be obtained from the download page, and for greater security you are recommended to verify the binary integrity using PGP (see the full node guide for instructions).

The Bitcoin Core project will never contact you to ask you to disclose information from your Bitcoin wallet, including your balance, addresses, transactions, or private keys. If you receive a security announcement and aren’t sure whether or not it is legitimate, you can safely shutdown your Bitcoin Core program to eliminate any immediate problems and give yourself time to investigate.

Although Bitcoin Core does have an official Twitter account, @bitcoincoreorg, any important announcements about the project will also sent to our low-traffic announcements mailing list or posted on the front page of this website (which also has an RSS feed). If you know how to use PGP security software, subscribing to the mailing list is particularly recommended as all announcements will be cryptographically signed by a developer.