IRC Meetings

The project holds several recurring meetings in the #bitcoin-core-dev IRC channel on Libera Chat (webchat). Everyone is welcome to attend. Logs and automatically-generated meeting minutes may be found here.

Current meeting schedule:

  • General developer meeting: Thursday 19:00 UTC (every week)
  • Wallet developer meeting: Friday 19:00 UTC (every second week)
  • P2P developer meeting: Tuesday 21:00 UTC (every second week)

Meeting times are also listed on this Google calendar.

Here as ical format to subscribe via a calendar app.

If you have any questions about the date or time of an upcoming meeting, please ask in the IRC channel.

Anyone interested in contributing to Bitcoin Core is also encouraged to attend the weekly Bitcoin Core PR Review Club meetings, which are held in a different chatroom. See the review club website for details.

Summaries of old meetings from 2015 to 2018 are now listed on a separate page.